Referrals from accountants for Free Business Debt Collection

Referrals from accountants for Free Business Debt Collection


We get many referrals from accountants looking for help for their clients.

We obviously get direct contact via our website, social media, etc. However a high proportion of our enquiries come through as referrals from accountants.

We help accountants’ clients
Accountants manage the books of their clients and often come across an unpaid debt that their client has been unable to retrieve. That is when they suggest contacting Veritas Legal to help recover the unpaid business debt.

Free Business Debt Collection
Unlike some agencies we do not charge the client a penny for our services, all of the fees are legitimately recovered along with the debt under the “Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998”.

What they say about us – Andrew Price & Co Accountants, Devon
‘Andrew Price & Co have recommended a number of clients to James Guthrie at Veritas Legal Services Limited, where some significant amounts have been recovered quickly. We know that those clients have in turn have also recommended Veritas Legal Services Limited.’ Andrew Price

Accountants – we’d love to hear from you
Many thanks for the feedback Andrew and if there are any other accountants who have a client with an unpaid debt, we would love to chat to see if we can help. Please call 01392 498686 or email