J. & R.R. Goodyear & Sons Ltd, Hawarden, North Wales – Free Business Debt Collection

“It didn’t cost us anything because James recovered all his fees from the debtor.”

So many of our clients are surprised by this, as we are able to claim “reasonable debt recovery” costs from the debtor.

J. & R.R. Goodyear and Sons Limited – respected fruit & vegetable wholesaler in North Wales
The company was founded in 1967 in Hawarden in North Wales and has an excellent reputation.

The debt built up over 4 months
Goodyear and Sons had been supplying a client with with fruit and vegetables for over 4 months and a debt of over £4000 had arisen.

No luck getting any response out of the debtor
It came to light that the debtor company was now under the control of the master franchisor. All attempts to get the debt paid by the central accounts function proved fruitless and the directors refused to co-operate and were evasive.

Free business debt collection
We were instructed to recover the debt of £4124.19 plus statutory late payment interest and compensation under “The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998” and reasonable debt recovery costs under the “Late Payment of Commercial Debt Regulations 2013”.

The debtor finally realised the gravity of the situation
The debtor was sent our letter forewarning them that they had 48 hours to settle the debt plus the statutory late payment charges, in default of which a winding up petition was being filed in the Property & Business Court at Liverpool High Court District Registry.

The debtor came to realise the gravity of the situation when they were advised that a petition had been sent to court for sealing and once it was returned to us it would be served and then advertised in the London Gazette.

“I would like to recommend James Guthrie at Veritaslegal services to any business owner chasing a bad debt . James strived relentlessly and diligently to recover over£4,100 owed to my company. The whole process took less time than we expected but the high point of all this was that it didn’t cost us anything because James recovered all his fees from the debtor.”

Geoff Goodyear, Managing Director, J. & R.R. Goodyear and Sons Limited