“Amazing service, and very speedy!” – Curload Consultants Limited, Taunton Somerset

amazing service very speedy

Do you ever get the “I’ll chase that for you” when there is an overdue business debt?

Curload Consultants in Taunton, Somerset did and that is when they realised they needed someone to help them with commercial debt recovery and they contacted Veritas Legal.

Debt reclaimed within a few days
A law firm owed them £5312.50 over 12 months collectively and they had been rebuffed on multiple occasions.

We sent our letter and within a couple of days they suddenly want to talk and start requesting information that they have been sent time and time again.

We told them this information and within a couple of hours the debt and late payment charges were paid, at no cost to Curload Consultants.

What they say about us – Sarah Radcliffe, Director, Curload Consultants Ltd, Taunton, Somerset

“I contacted James late on a Friday afternoon to chase a debt which was over a year old. My emails to the debtor had been going unanswered or had the typical “I’ll chase that for you” response. By Wednesday lunchtime James had recovered the debt and the money was sitting in my bank account. Amazing service, and very speedy!”

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